Monmouth County Point-In-Time Count Fact Sheet Monmouth County 2017 Overall Results 2017

• 299 men, women and children were homeless on the night of January 24th, 2017, representing 3.5% of New
Jersey’s homeless population.
• This represents a decrease of 45 persons (13.1%) as compared to the 2016 count.
• 49 persons were identified as chronically homeless, representing 16.4% of the total homeless population.
• 44 persons were unsheltered on the night of the count,

a 2.2% decrease in the unsheltered homeless population since the count in 2016.

















NJ Counts Key Findings
• There was a 27.1% decrease in the emergency shelter population, a 1.6% increase in the transitional housing population, and a 2.2% decrease in the unsheltered population.
• 49 of the 184 homeless households (26.6%) were families with children under the age of 18. There were 99 children under 18 (33.1%) who were
homeless on the night of the count. Adult only households accounted for 73.4% of the homeless households.
• 16 veterans were identified as homeless, a decrease of one veteran from 2016.
• Among homeless adults, 66.5% identified a disabling condition. The predominant conditions identified were mental health issues and substance abuse disorders.
• 30.4% of homeless households reported no source of income and 14.7% of homeless households reported that they did not receive any non-cash benefits.
• 20.1% of the homeless households were homeless for more than one year.

This data comes from Monarch Housing Associates’ NJ Counts 2017 report based on the Monmouth County Point-In-Time Count of the Homeless available at For more information, contact Monarch Housing Associates: Jay Everett – – 908-272-5363 x232